This is us!

What's behind?

big was created and launched by Steven Liszka in 2015. It is the first visual effects collection accessible to everyone, especially those with big dreams and no budget. All effects are filmmaker-friendly : they can be used by everyone, irrespective of their post production level.

What's next?

Our goal is simple: to break the barriers between Hollywood and you. To get you the same results but with accessible tools! Taking care of the complex process of simulation, rendering and pre-composition, leaves you without any technical headaches. We are creating the most amazing effects that you might need. Just dream big and we'll do the rest.

CHAOS is our first visual effects collection. We are extremely proud of all the blockbuster effects we put inside and we are currently working on the next packs. Each collection is complex and unique and it features a huge amount of original visual effects ready to be used.
Stay tuned. It's just the beginning of the adventure...

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